Thursday, November 10, 2016

Case StudyPotato-message_large.png
Week 7
Potato Parcel

Potato Parcel is a small company founded by Alex Craig. It was originally based in Dallas Texas. He would buy the potatoes from his local Walmart, and began writing on them. Potato Parcel started to become popular on Twitter. This crazy Idea came to him one night sending off a light bulb above his head, but his girlfriend did not think so. Frankly she thought it was a ridiculous idea, but soon was proven wrong. Once Potato Parcel took off in May 2012 by the second day of opening already $2000 dollars worth of potatoes were sold. They average $10,000 dollars a month with the exception on this last August by making over $20,000 dollars. In October 2015, Potato Parcel was sold to Riad Bekhit for $40,000. Now Potato Parcel is placed in San Bruno, California. Alex Craig still took Potato Parcel to Shark Tank even after he had sold it to Bekhit. He went to see if he could get the sharks to bite at his ridiculous idea. There is currently no big changes in this company just mailing potatoes. When relating to relevance in marketing I think this idea is so idiotic, it's genius. Just like stupid movies that make no sense, but yet we watch them over and over again, and cant get enough of them. Potato Parcel is unique and new, and that's all about marketing now days. Alex Craig wanted to create a way to send messages in a way they have never been sent before. Not your ordinary social media, texting, emailing, and old boring mail. He wanted it to be on a potato, and not only that but on a potato. No one's done it before, and that's what draws consumers in. It is also very risky because this idea very well could have been a HUGE failure, and a disaster from the start. However it was a HUGE success, and accomplishment for Alex Craig. The value proposition for Potato Parcel would be unique, different, new, memorable, staying in touch anonymously.   

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